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And Uncle Hank would just laugh when they did that, and say, "Not yet, bro', not yet...I'll let ya know when itz time!!"

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Then Uncle Hank would tell me if I ever told anyone what was said, or what went on in the house, he'd cut all my lips off... "The one ona yo' face and the ona ona yo pussy!!"

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I'd go to my room, and shake with fear that any minute, UncleHank would decide it was time, and those men would come for me....

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********** I managed to get thru the first school year, and reluctantly Uncle Hank took me to the Bus station so I could go back to be with Mom for the summer.

Uncle Hank, repeated his threats to me as we waited for the bus "Remember what I said gurl, you tell anybody anuyhing bad about what happened up here, and I'll have your lips sliced right off'n yo, the one ona yo face and the ona ona yo pussy!!"

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"Doan think 'cuz I aint down dere it caint be done. I gots frenz down dere sat'll do it, after dey rape yo' and yo Momma a whilez. Dey'll let yo live, but i tink dey'll likk yo Momma."

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I believed him....You read about people who just radiate evil? Ever doubted it? You meet Uncle Hank, and you'll never doubt it again....

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He grinned at me, "I really be looking forwad ta habbin you back here with me cone fall. I hopes yo doan even thinka doin anyting ta mees dat up. Yo unnastan me?"

When I nodded, he continued, "Next time I see yo, yo dun had yo 16th birtday, so I tink i'm gonna plan a special party for when yo gets up here. Doan wurry nane, nexy year gonna be different..."

Anyway, I went home for that summer terrified, knowing that in a few short months, I would have to return to hell..... I did manage, somehow, to enjoy myself, and even be happy, which is a good thing...I doubt if I'll ever know what happiness again.