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"She'll take every one of my thick 8 inches I promise you", Carl laughed, "And still be good for plenty of fuckin'!" And he began to press his penis forward pushing in her asshole. Retard was "helping", her ass cheeks were being held apart by his dirty hands, while Carl slowly impaled her ass. With a sudden pop, the head of his cock broke through the resistance of her tight sphincter! "Oh wow, you guys should feel how good this is."


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Slowly his cock sank between her spread ass cheeks. "The heat and tightness of her ass is sooooooo sweeeeet." Her cries and sobs and struggles, just added to the enjoyment of us as we masturbated and watched Carl rape her ass.

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She couldn't move because she was held down and Retard was still holding her ass open to Carl's advancing cock. Slowly and painfully he pressed on. Suddenly Carl paused and leant over her. He breathed in, and then he gave one last hard thrust.

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"AAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH" She screamed! She still couldn't move, couldn't get away, could barely breathe because of the men holding her down so hard, to allow Carl to thrust into her. With that kind of pain was she even aware of Maddog's huge thick fuck pole thrusting upward in her sore pussy? Compared to the pain in her ass, her pussy was probably just fine!

"SHIT!! FUCK!!! GOD DAMN. THIS GIRL IS TIGHT!!!" Carl had indeed managed to fit his whole thick erection in her. "OH MAN.. THIS WON'T TAKE LONG!'", pulling cock slowly out and violently pushing his large cock back into her again and again. It seemed like Carl's cock filled her entire world with pain. Then he fell forward onto the cunt, resting his weight on her back and increased the speed of his punishing thrusts.

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I could see Maddog under her, making feeble attempts to thrust into her pussy from below, because he was having to carry the weight of two people.

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I was also aware that the other men had stood back, as no they longer needed to hold her down , and watched as Carl raped her ass, and Maddog tried to fuck her pussy.

"NOW! NOW! NOW!!.... YAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" Carl suddenly shouted. then blasted her with white hot wetness deep into her ass. With each blast he slammed his hips forward, as if trying to impale himself as deeply as possible into her ass! He thrust so hard that he rammed her body upward, and Maddog's cock popped free of her pussy.

Finally Carl lifted his heavy body from her, and then Maddog pushed her off his body. She laid face down on the bed and sobbed.

"I want a go at her cunt," Retard said, and getting a nod from Taz, he straddled the girl and forced his way inside. His thrusts were long and slow. Maddog, Taz, Carl, and I surrounded her and began jacking-off our fuck-poles in her face.. Retard increased the speed of his thrusts, we all sped up our jerking. All of us came at the same time, and then her face, as well as her insides, were splattered with white cum. It coated her nose and ran down her cheeks and chin.

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For many more hours we five took turns raping her each and every way we wanted. Retard got her in the ass while I got her in the mouth and Taz took his turn brutalizing her cunt. Maddog almost suffocated her by shoving his huge cock with that damn studded ring down her throat. We raped her again and again in every possible combination, and the more we raped her, the hornier we seemed to get.........