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Finally Dawn found herself standing beside the howling man, staring down at the poor woman, who was staring sightlessly upward.The almost life-less body was covered with huge hand shaped bruises, bite marks, and sweat.

"It would seem that the Demon Rapist has struck again", Dawn heard someone say, and turned to see, without much surprise, the the old man she had spoken to in the cafe. "It is not yet Midnight, and so unless the Father of Light, or a servant of Light intervenes, there may yet be more victims such as this......"

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The people around Dawn began turning away, but the old man remained standing next to Dawn. He placed a hand on hers and began to lead her back to her room. Dawn tried to pull free from the old man's surprisingly strong grip."

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"Let me go, I must help that woman!" she insisited. " Her own husband can wash her and see she is carried back to her bed. Other than that, she is beyond any aid you can give." The old man turned Dawn, so that she was forced to look him in the eye. "If you truly wish to help, you perhaps stop this from happening to someone else.

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"You took an oath to serve your fellow humans, to heal them, and to give your life if it would save others. You can repudiate that oath, and frankly, I wouldn't place any blame on that decision. " He smiled gently as he saw thw panic in Dawn's face.

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He continued, "Or my scared young child, you, and only you can pay a terrible price, and the Demon Rapist's reign of terror will be over."

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Terrified, Dawn whispered "What price?" "You are the one person who can satisfy the evil lust that empowers the Demon Rapist. You must go to the Cathedral and wait for him to come to you. Your assent to be a Sacrifice will draw him like a moth to a flame."

He didn't speak further, but simply gazed intently into Dawn's eyes. She wanted to cry out, "Why me?" ""ow do I know you speak the truth", but she didn't. She knew there would be no answer, because there were no rational anwers.

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She did know, that the old man was telling the truth. She also knew she would not be able to live with in peace herself unless she did what this man had told her to do.

Her voice shaking. she said, "I will go,. May the Light be with me, I will asent." The old man smiled, "Then hurry my child. Annoint yourself like a bride eager for her groom, and hurry to the Cathedreal. You must be there before Midnight! At the stoke of Midnight, you must be naked, lying on the altar, like an animal ready for slaughter. If you do this, you will be his last victim!"

Dawn turned from the old man, and so again, did not see the old man shaking with silent, manical laughter. ********** A few minutes before Midnight, Dawn entered the dimly lit Cathedral and walked down the long central aisle to kneel at the altar.