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I've just recently "discovered" newsgroups, and I gotta tell you, as if you didn't know there's a hell of a lot of crap being spewed out there.

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I'm not talking the shit webbies call "spam". I mean it aint surprising that every jerk-off out there is trying to make a buck by getting some poor sucker to go visit it their stupid web sites.

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I'm talking about some of the stupid "discussions" people have. I mean I discover this newsgroup called talk.rape, and I look in at, expecting to find some kindred souls, some real men talking about my favorite subject. Butwhat do I find?

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A bunch of whining women and pussy-whupped so-called men talkin, and complaining about how terrible rape is! There is an even this ongoing stupid discussion about "Why men rape!" Sheesh, like that's hard to figure out! I mean if they really want to know, they should just ask a real man, a man like me.

Me, I love raping some bitch more than anything. I love sticking it to them. Ramming my thick hard, thick 12 inch cock into some unwilling ass and pussy is the greatest thing in the world. It isn't so much the sex, or even the way my cock feels, pulsing like it's going to explode deep in some dumb cunt's pussy, good as that is; it's also the power, the domination, the forcing of myself into the bitch's body, the violation of something so intimate to them that makes it worthwhile.

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To grab some bitch, drag her off where no one could hear her screams, then while she knew exactly what he was doing, tear off her clothes and rape her, should be a rite of passage for every man.

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And I tell you women really do tend to want to give me a wide berth, even when I am on my best behavior. I'm an ugly fucker, coarse black hair covering my huge 6'7 300 pound body makes me look more like a gorilla than a man. And of course I've been told I got a face that will turn milk sour. Though there are a few women who seem to love evil fuckers like me....

Sometimes I plan a rape real well, like a general planning a military campaign. Sometimes I see a woman, and I just get horny plain and simple......than any woman, pretty or homely , young or old, will do.....

I tell you, if you are a guy, and if you haven't raped a woman, you really have no idea what you are missing. Well, I won't tell you what to do, but maybe if I tell you of some of my exploits.......

Before I get into the story, I want to answer one question I've been asked by some of my "loyal" followers: "how can one rape as many women as you have, and not get caught?"

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Well I could boast and brag, but instead, let me quote something to you from a paper on "serial rapists" I read posted on the internet: