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And I tell you women really do tend to want to give me a wide berth, even when I am on my best behavior. I'm an ugly fucker, coarse black hair covering my huge 6'7 300 pound body makes me look more like a gorilla than a man. And of course I've been told I got a face that will turn milk sour. Though there are a few women who seem to love evil fuckers like me....

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Sometimes I plan a rape real well, like a general planning a military campaign. Sometimes I see a woman, and I just get horny plain and simple......than any woman, pretty or homely , young or old, will do.....

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I tell you, if you are a guy, and if you haven't raped a woman, you really have no idea what you are missing. Well, I won't tell you what to do, but maybe if I tell you of some of my exploits.......

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The Rapist's Mind: Story 3 Van Rape On this occasion, it wasn't me who was the instigator, it was my buddy Taz. Taz, unlike me, is the kind of guy a lot women go for. He's 6'2, 220lbs of pure hard muscle. He has brown hair, which he wears neat and short, and those deceptively soft, dark brown eyes that seem to be a magnet for a whole lot of women.

In fact, because the women did tend to swarm all over Taz, to the point that he seemed to screw a different cunt every damn night, I was a bit surprised when Taz says to me one day, "What you say we get some fellas together one night, and go cunt hunting?"

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I was so surprised, I sorta asked a stupid question, "What do you mean cunt hunting?" Taz looks at me like I've lost my mind and says, "We find a cunt, we grab her, we take her somewhere, and we fuck the bitch 'till our dicks hurt, what do you think I mean?"

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Well it sounded great to me, and I told Taz to let me know the time and place, and I'd be more than happy to join in. A few nights, later, I found myself traveling down the highway with Taz and three of the baddest nastiest dudes I had come across in some time. Before we set out, Taz had gotten us in the mood for the night's activities, Taz has shown us some really hot rape videos, and so I had gotten a good look at my new "friends".

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All three of the guys were big and nasty, all of them were at least 6' or more with large than normal cocks. In fact one of them even dwarfed me. He was at least 6'10 and had to weigh at least 450 pounds. The biggest guy's dick was not the biggest, tho his was about 8 inches but VERY thick (thicker than mine for sure) and it's circumcised shaft slightly curled straight upward. Taz introduced him to me as Carl and said that he was his supplier for rape videos, which supposedly Carl made himself..

The next guy was only slightly smaller than me, and like me he had a shaved head, piercing and tattoos. His unerect cock was a long full hanging 12 inches and pierced thru the sides of his cock head was a large prince Albert style silver ring with round studs on the tip. Taz intoduces him as Maddog, who was an ex-cop AND an ex-con.

The third guy was just plain fat. His dick was a good 10 inches and seemed to be a bit deformed that curved to the left slightly and was fatter at the front half than at the lower part of the shaft, He seemed to be a bit a bit retarded, and Taz didn't even bother to introduce him. The fat guy just giggled a lot, muttering, "Pussy, pussy, pussy".