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The Demon Rapist: A Horror Fantasy (This is my first attempt to try and write a "rape story" from rapists viewpoint so to speak. I hope any men out there who find any "technical problems" will help clear them up!)
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The Demon Rapist had a long, long history of mental illness. He was also had the "devils luck". When he was a young teen, he had brutally raped his mother, but out of a misplaced sense of "family loyality" she had refused to press charge against him.
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His father, also a lucky, sick bastard, praised the boy for his act of "manhood", encouraged him to commit such acts on a regular basis, and advised him on how to be careful so that he wouldn't be caught. "The best pussy is a raped pussy", the father often told him.
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The Demon Rapist was never in trouble for his a single one of his brutal rapes in which he took such pleasure and joy. He so terrified his victims that none of them was capable of giving a coherent account of what happened to them, let alone a reasonable description.
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What often got him in trouble was his sudden unreasonable rages, during which, if he was in public, caused a considerable amount of property damage, and often no little bodily injury to any and all in his vicinity.
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Yet the Demon Rapist spent little time in jail. He had been diagnosed as "mentally deficent", and so he was usually sent to a mental institution for a period of three weeks. There he would be medicated, and then released once the doctors determined he was not a danger to himself, or to others. (Few of these doctors who made the determination ever even spoke to the Demon Rapist!).

When the Demon Rapist began hearing voices mumbling in his head, he was at first concerned. He was really afraid he perhaps he was starting to develop a conscience, something which he had heard of, but didn't want any part of, since it would only interfere with his pleasure.

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He loved raping women, almost more than life itself. He loved ramming his cock as hard as he could into their fear tightened pussies. The tighter the better too. It wasn't so much the sex, or even the way his cock felt, pulsing like it was going to explode deep into their fear tightened asses and cunts as wonderful as it was; it was the power, the domination, the forcing of himself into their body, the violation of something so intimate to them, of filling them with fear, and misery and torment as well as burning seed.

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But as the voices in his head became clearer over time, he was overjoyed that the voices were "friendly", guiding him to more victims to rape and torment, helping him become stronger and more powerful.

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He found he could increase the frquency of his attacks on women, as his lust knew almost no bounds. He was constanly horny, almost constantly erect, and he did not seem to tire as ordinary men did.